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SERIES: Brickleberry

Watch: Brickleberry (Season 1, Episode 1 - Welcome to Brickleberry)

The Plot: A group of never-do-well forest rangers are facing the shutdown of their National Park when a new ranger arrives to help transform them and save the park.

Genre: Animation, Comedy

Stars: Daniel Tosh, Roger Black, David Herman

Director: Roger Black, Waco O\'Guin


1.  Brickleberry (Season 1, Episode 1 - Welcome to Brickleberry)

Steve is threatened when Ethel, a new ranger, comes to town. Malloy gets put on a diet.

2.  Brickleberry (Season 1, Episode 2 - 2 Weeks Notice)

Ethel runs a camp for the blind. After a bad speed dating incident, Steve sleeps with a hooker, and contract cana-syphil-aids, and is told he only has two weeks to live.

3.  Brickleberry (Season 1, Episode 3 - Saved by the Balls)

While undercover to sniff out the pot farmers growing in Brickleberry, Steve and Denzel promise the Russian mob that they can grow an entire pot crop basically overnight.

4.  Brickleberry (Season 1, Episode 4 - Squabbits)

In an effort to compete with Yellowstone, Woody charges the team with coming up with the cutest animal in the world. Steve creates a Squabbit - half squirrel, half rabbit.

5.  Brickleberry (Season 1, Episode 5 - Race Off)

Secretary of the Interior Kirk Sanders visits the park. In an effort to impress him, Woody sets the park on fire.

6.  Brickleberry (Season 1, Episode 6 - Gay Bomb)

Woody allows the Jesus Hates Homos Church to hold their meeting at Brickleberry. Connie takes off, because it was this church that tried to 'fix' her gay-ness, and discovers a secret government military headquarters inside Brickleberry mountain.

7.  Brickleberry (Season 1, Episode 7 - Hello Dottie)

Fed up with conditions at the park, the rangers begin making demands. Woody, impressed with the workers at the computer help desk in India, decides to outsource the ranger positions to 'dot-bots'.

8.  Brickleberry (Season 1, Episode 8 - Steve's Bald)

While preparing for the annual Ranger Ball, the rangers discover that Steve wears a toupee. In an effort to restore his hair growth and his mojo, Steve becomes bigfoot, and thus, a celebrity.

9.  Brickleberry (Season 1, Episode 9 - Daddy Issues)

When Steve volunteers to track down what or who has been leaving the park strewn with half-eaten goats, he finds his father - the greatest park ranger Brickleberry ever knew - living in a cave.

10.  Brickleberry (Season 1, Episode 10 - The Dam Show)

In the Season 1 finale, a fireworks celebration for Woody's birthday destroys a dam and Brickleberry River floods the park, forcing the rangers to form a new community on an island with the other survivors.

11.  Brickleberry (Season 2, Episode 1 - Miracle Lake)

Woody discovers that Brickleberry Lake heals all wounds and becomes an evangelist. In an attempt to show Malloy snow for the first time, Ethel and Denzel discover Crog.

12.  Brickleberry (Season 2, Episode 2 - The Comeback)

The rangers discover Woody's past life as a porn star. Malloy works to resurrect his career. Steve brings Denzel up to speed on the Brickleberry ghost.

13.  Brickleberry (Season 2, Episode 3 - Woody's Girl)

After having a stroke, Woody decides to do yoga and joins a cult led by Astral. This leads Woody to the edge of Brickleberry cliff with the rest of Astral's cult followers.

14.  Brickleberry (Season 2, Episode 4 - Trailer Park)

When it's revealed that Bobby is actually the heir to Brickleberry, Bobby and BoDean throw the rangers out and turn Brickleberry into a trailer park.

15.  Brickleberry (Season 2, Episode 5 - Crippleberry)

The carnival comes to Brickleberry with a freaky sideshow that Connie obsesses over. When Steve gets hurt, Malloy gets a job as his lawyer and forces changes to bring the park up to code.

16.  Brickleberry (Season 2, Episode 6 - Ranger Games)

Brickleberry is finally allowed to compete in the annual Ranger Games again, and hopefully unseat Yellowstone.

17.  Brickleberry (Season 2, Episode 7 - My Way or the Highway)

Ethel brings the governor to Brickleberry for a political rally and Woody pisses her off.

18.  Brickleberry (Season 2, Episode 8 - Little Boy Malloy)

A visit from Ethel's older/prettier/better sister leads her to drug and shave Malloy to pass him off as her chid, while Connie masquerades as her husband, Connor.

19.  Brickleberry (Season 2, Episode 9 - The Animals Strike Back)

Led by Moose Nazir, the animals of Brickleberry revolt, and co-opt Malloy to take back the park. Steve works hard to prevent Malloy from finding out that it was actually he who killed Malloy's parents.

20.  Brickleberry (Season 2, Episode 10 - Scared Straight)

Malloy's misbehaving leads Denzel to call on his old gang from Detroit - the Cool Friends Gang. The OGs come to the park to help Denzel scare Malloy straight, only to end up in jail because of Malloy's antics. Malloy takes well to jail, but Woody recruits some of Brickleberry's third tier characters to break them out of prison just in time to prevent Denzel from having to marry Meat Hammer.

21.  Brickleberry (Season 2, Episode 11 - Trip to Mars)

The rangers are thrilled when Brickleberry is selcted to play an important role in the Mars landing. In order to do that, the Native Brickleberrians are kicked off their land, and led to the Hazelhurst Mall by Malloy. When the rangers discover that the world is being duped, they are taken prisoner, and only Malloy can save them.

22.  Brickleberry (Season 2, Episode 12 - My Favorite Bear)

When Steve's childhood hero, Flamey the Bear, comes to Brickleberry for the televised re-opening of the forest, Woody charges Steve with keeping him sober. While Steve deals with the destruction of his childhood ideals, Woody pays the price for having mildly criticized Malloy by being turned slowly into a prize-winning fish.

23.  Brickleberry (Season 2, Episode 13 - A-Park-a-Lypse)

Connies gives birth to the anit-christ, setting off Mount Brickleberry which, as it turns out, is a volcano. Denzel immediately senses that something is wrong with the new baby. In an effort to avoid the same fate as Pompeii, Woody buys an underground bunker from Bobby and BoDean.

24.  Brickleberry (Season 3, Episode 1 - Obamascare)

President of the United States Barack Obama visits Brickleberry and a clause hidden deep within Obamacare results in Steve and Woody being sewn together sharing a liver after Woody gets shot.

25.  Brickleberry (Season 3, Episode 2 - In Da Club)

Woody is furious when he is denied access to an exclusive country club, but Denzel is accepted as a member. Malloy refuses to have his anal glands expressed.

26.  Brickleberry (Season 3, Episode 3 - Miss National Park)

Ethel and Connie compete fiercely at the Miss National Park beauty pageant, and Denzel and Steve decide to have a threesome when they learn they are dating the same woman. 

27.  Brickleberry (Season 3, Episode 4 - That Brother's My Father)

Denzel marries Woody's mother, and Connie has an unhealthy obsession with "Wheel of Fortune" host Pat Sajak.

28.  Brickleberry (Season 3, Episode 5 - Write 'Em Cowboy)

Denzel helps Steve launch a career as a gay country music star, and a granted wish turns Malloy into a full-size bear.

29.  Brickleberry (Season 3, Episode 6 - Old Wounds)

The new Secretary of the interior comes to Brickleberry and demotes Woody. Denzel stops smoking pot.

30.  Brickleberry (Season 3, Episode 7 - Baby Daddy)

Ethel gets drunk and wakes up naked with Steve. She later discovers she's pregnant, but she is not sure if Steve is the father. Woody blabs to a psychiatrist about Malloy's ability to talk and his antics, and is committed.

31.  Brickleberry (Season 3, Episode 8 - Steve the Fearless Pilot)

A botched hypnosis results in Steve acting like a swashbuckling pirate, and Connie and Denzel get stranded on a lesbian island paradise.

32.  Brickleberry (Season 3, Episode 9 - High Stakes)

Woody loses the park in a poker bet with a corrupt mayor he's recently befriended. Meanwhile, Malloy is forced to breed with an unatractive bear to continue his species. Steve comes to terms that he is fat and tries to lose weight with some help from Denzel.

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