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SERIES: Ambitions (Luganda Translated)

Watch: Ambitions (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 1 - Friends & Lovers)

The Plot: A woman moves to a new city and finds herself going head to head with the towns most powerful and deceitful players.

Genre: Drama

Stars: Brian White, Robin Givens, Kendrick Cross

Director: Jamey Giddens


1.  Ambitions (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 1 - Friends & Lovers)

Titus and Amara contend with issues from their past; Stephanie takes her relationship with Evan to the point of no return; The Carlisles and Purifoys take their generational feud to another level; Rondell and Evan seek to tamp down a common threat.

2.  Ambitions (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 2 - Woman to Woman)

Amara puts Stephanie on Notice. Atlanta's first lady learns a shocking secret about a rival. Bella makes a bold play to get what she wants. Rondell finds an ally in her fight to save her restaurant.

3.  Ambitions (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 3 - Welcome to Birmingham)

Stephanie looks for a way to repay Amara. Rondell falls out of favor with Senior. Bella looks to exploit her connection to the mayor.

4.  Ambitions (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 4 - Reap What You Sew)

Stephanie and Evan join forces to pursue mutual self-interests. Titus undertakes a risky mission that could destroy his career.

5.  Ambitions (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 5 - Killing Me Softly)

Titus and Amara are surprised by a blast from their past who blows into town; Stephanie comes up with a diabolical plan to retain the firm's most prized client; Rondell's relationship takes a turn; Bella figures out a way to resume her livelihood; Carly gives Lori an ultimatum.

6.  Ambitions (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 6 - What About Your Friends)

Stephanie is a force to be reckoned with at a Women's Empowerment Summit; Bella forges an alliance with Rod; Evan attempts to bargain with Greg Peters; Carly is taken off-guard by Stephanie's perfect timing.

7.  Ambitions (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 7 - Poison and Wine)

Stephanie makes an accusation and vows to get revenge; Bella navigates Rod and Evan; Amara forms an unlikely partnership that compels Titus to make questionable moves; Senior suffers a health setback; Carly takes a leap of faith with Lori.

8.  Ambitions (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 8 - Backstabbers)

Stephanie and Irene conspire against Rondell; Titus takes matters into his own hands; Rondell makes personal and professional moves; Greg's family means business.

9.  Ambitions (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 9 - Giving Up)

Rondell loses in a big way; Stephanie exacts revenge on Lori; The highly anticipated Anniversary Celebration at Thelma's Place ends sooner than expected; Damian continues to wreak havoc in the lives of Titus and Amara.

10.  Ambitions (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 10 - Ex-Factor)

The Barnes have a big surprise for the Carlisles, forcing Stephanie and Evan to fight fire with fire; Amara receives backlash at work for her prior indiscretions; Bella makes a bold move with Stephanie; Titus' win for Rondell is eclipsed by the loss he suffers from Damian; Greg tells Stephanie she's run out of time.

11.  Ambitions (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 11 - Change Is Gonna Come)

Stephanie has the ultimate trump card against Amara. Bella is giving love another chance, only to be hurt again. Rondell and Evan are blind-sided.

12.  Ambitions (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 12 - The Thrill Is Gone)

Evan and Rondell demand justice from Greg; Bella's best friend Perla dispenses advice; Amara's suspicions are confirmed; Evan finds a new rival in Kent; Titus and Amara work to reconcile; Stephanie pushes back against Greg's cousin Natasha.

13.  Ambitions (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 13 - Since I Lost My Baby)

Evan and Bell endure the worst day of their lives. A blast from the past haunt Evan and Rondell.

14.  Ambitions (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 14 - You Owe Me)

Amara sets a trap; Stephanie reveals a painful secret; Hunter teeters on the brink of disaster; Cousin Darcia dispenses life-changing news; Perla feels the heat.

15.  Ambitions (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 15 - Blood on the Dance Floor)

Carlisle matriarch Irene shows her mettle; A new foe walks into Amara's life; Stephanie issues an ultimatum; Evan betrays an ally; Titus becomes a target; Damian takes a stand.

16.  Ambitions (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 16 - Hit 'Em Up)

Rondell and Evan join forces to save Thelma's Place; Stephanie seeks payback; An unlikely suspect comes forth as Senior's killer; Hunter presses Titus to follow his lead; Bella scrutinizes her inner circle; Amara is taken off guard; Stephen and Hunter release their fury; Perla gets revenge.

17.  Ambitions (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 17 - Through the Wire)

Stephanie closes in on the corner office; Bella is overwhelmed; Rondell discovers Darcia's dirty secret; Lori grows suspicious of Titus; Stephanie confronts Bella; Damian likes the hand he's dealt himself.

18.  Ambitions (Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 18 - Save the Best for Last)

Stephanie plays a deadly game with Evan; Titus faces unforeseen circumstances; Stephen has a surprise for Stephanie; Bella loosens Stephanie's grip; Rondell and Evan are pushed to their limits with Darcia; Stephanie and Amara keep their friends close and enemies closer.

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