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SERIES: Strike Back

Watch: Strike Back (Season 1, Episode 1 - Iraq: Part One)

The Plot: Follows the actions of Section 20, a secretive unit of British military intelligence. A team of special operations personnel conduct several high risk missions across the globe.

Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller

Stars: Philip Winchester, Sullivan Stapleton, Michelle Lukes



1.  Strike Back (Season 1, Episode 1 - Iraq: Part One)

John Porter leads his unit into battle trying to rescue the CEO of a British weapons manufacturing company captured in Iraq, just before the invasion started. His team is joined by Hugh Collinson, operative of British military intelligence. The operation almost goes awry when Collinson kills larger portion of Porter's team, and blames a teenage suicide bomber, As'ad, Porter previously saved. The surviving members of the team manage to rescue their target, and Porter rejects Collinson's offer to joint Section 20, a new unit within military intelligence, doubting Collinson's account of the rescue operation incident and resigns from the SAS.

2.  Strike Back (Season 1, Episode 2 - Iraq: Part Two)

Seven years after the events of part one, Porter is reactivated and tasked with rescuing a kidnapped reporter Katie Dartmouth. Porter realizes that Katie was kidnapped by the same terrorists he fought seven years before, including that teenager, now a young man. He succeeds in saving Katie's life, but fails to rescue As'ad after Collinson orders the rescue helicopter crew not to allow the rescue of As'ad. Just before the helicopter arrives, As'ad tells porter that Collinson killed those soldiers and covered it up by blaming him.

3.  Strike Back (Season 1, Episode 3 - Zimbabwe: Part One)

A sniper attempts to kill the President of Zimbabwe. Since there is evidence that the sniper could be British, Porter is sent in undercover to locate the sniper and silence him.

4.  Strike Back (Season 1, Episode 4 - Zimbabwe: Part Two)

A sniper attempts to kill the President of Zimbabwe. Since there is evidence that the sniper could be British, Porter is sent in undercover to locate the sniper and silence him.

5.  Strike Back (Season 1, Episode 5 - Afghanistan: Part One)

Porter is sent to Afghanistan to find a computer hacker who has cracked the British army's missile guidance codes. The hacker has successfully found a way to redirect missiles to strike American forces.

6.  Strike Back (Season 1, Episode 6 - Afghanistan: Part Two)

Porter is sent to Afghanistan to find a computer hacker who has cracked the British army's missile guidance codes. The hacker has successfully found a way to redirect missiles to strike American forces.

7.  Strike Back (Season 2, Episode 1 - Project Dawn #1)

British sergeant Michael Stonebridge recruits help from Ex-Delta Force operative Damien Scott when Section 20 agent John Porter is kidnapped by a Pakistani terrorist. The two then uncover clues to a possible terrorist attack at a New Delhi hotel and race to foil it.

8.  Strike Back (Season 2, Episode 2 - Project Dawn: Part 2)

Scott and Stonebridge discover that the terrorists in the hotel are searching for Mahmood. Grant learns that Latif's real goal is to capture a Pakistani chemical scientist who worked with the weapons inspection team in Iraq in 2003.

9.  Strike Back (Season 2, Episode 3 - Project Dawn: Part 3)

Stonebridge, Scott, and Marshall stake out a trio of suspects in South Africa who might have some information about Latif. Ex-IRA leader, Daniel Connolly heists an armored truck in Cape Town.

10.  Strike Back (Season 2, Episode 4 - Project Dawn: Part 4)

At a remote facility outside Cape Town, Connolly closes in on his WMD prize, while Stonebridge and Scott are faced with dilemmas that could have far-reaching implications on their organization - and on the thread that connects them to Latif.

11.  Strike Back (Season 2, Episode 5 - Project Dawn: Part 5)

Stonebridge and Scott pose as aides for arms dealer Gerald Crawford to negotiate the release of hostage, Dr. Clare Somersby.

12.  Strike Back (Season 2, Episode 6 - Project Dawn: Part 6)

The first attempt to rescue Clare ends with Scott in the hospital and Stonebridge in pursuit with Crawford and Jacoub. Tahir takes Clare to a Janjaweed camp. Soldiers look for Scott at the hospital. Grant threatens Maggie about her story.

13.  Strike Back (Season 2, Episode 7 - Project Dawn: Part 7)

Stonebridge and Scott go to Kosovo to exchange a prisoner for kidnapped European Union officials.

14.  Strike Back (Season 2, Episode 8 - Project Dawn #8)

Scott and Stonebridge are held captive with the four EU hostages in the wilderness of Kosovo. Hasani plans to sell Dana as a sex slave, and Allen, the double agent who has been providing information to Latif.

15.  Strike Back (Season 2, Episode 9 - Project Dawn: Part 9)

The boys are called away after MI5 team traced Latif to Chechen rebels country hideout, which turns out to be an abandoned vast Soviet area tunnel complex. They go in with support from Georgian commandos, which are eliminated by explosives. Latif escapes with some cahoots, who were screened for surgery. Some turn up in Budapest, where a world security summit is held, carrying the neuro-toxin and sophisticated bomb found in the tunnels. Damien also found indications of foul play since his Iraq set-up army booting.

16.  Strike Back (Season 2, Episode 10 - Project Dawn: Part 10)

Latif is finally in Section 20's clutches. The team frantically tries to discover the bombers' target and for that they need Latif to talk. Scott and Stonebridge go after the bombers. Latif's henchmen attack Section 20 command.

17.  Strike Back (Season 3, Episode 1 - Vengeance, Part 1)

Season 3 finds Scott and the mysterious agent Rachel Dalton in the Kenyan desert securing the transfer of a Libyan functionary seeking asylum. Back in Britain, Stonebridge is training Section 20 recruits. Nothing goes as planned for either of them.

18.  Strike Back (Season 3, Episode 2 - Vengeance, Part 2)

Taken hostage in Mogadishu by Waabri and his girlfriend Asmara, Scott and Dalton escape with the help of Stonebridge and Richmond. Sinclair is replaced as leader of Section 20. Michael and Kerry rekindle their relationship.

19.  Strike Back (Season 3, Episode 3 - Vengeance, Part 3)

Still tracking down the triggers in Algeria, Scott and Stonebridge ally with Markunda, an exotic leader of a nomadic tribe to catch Othmani, the brother of an Al Qaeda leader, El Soldat.

20.  Strike Back (Season 3, Episode 4 - Vengeance, Part 4)

El Soldat's forces are preparing to assault the farmhouse where Stonebridge, Scott, Markunda, and Othmani are holed up. Sinclair continues to question Dalton's command style. Karl Matlock continues to make inroads to acquire the triggers.

21.  Strike Back (Season 3, Episode 5 - Vengeance: Part 5)

Section 20 races to intercept a former South African nuclear scientist, Peter Evans, from Matlock. At the airport, they run into a team of Mossad agents who want to kill Evans. Section 20 learns that Knox is behind loss of the triggers.

22.  Strike Back (Season 3, Episode 6 - Vengeance: Part 6)

Stonebridge's mistake allows Matlock to capture Evans. He makes amends by enlisting Ava Knox to go against her father. Sullivan tries to convince Rebecca to leave Mossad.

23.  Strike Back (Season 3, Episode 7 - Vengeance: Part 7)

Political prisoner and former Zimbabwe leader Walter Lutulu is broken out of prison by Matlock. Section 20 is breached and its members imprisoned with dire consequences.

24.  Strike Back (Season 3, Episode 8 - Vengeance: Part 8)

Lilian Lutulu learns who orchestrated her father's assassination. Scott makes a promise to her to kill Knox. Down one critical person on the team, Section 20 raids Knox's camp in an attempt to retrieve the triggers.

25.  Strike Back (Season 3, Episode 9 - Vengeance: Part 9)

Stonebridge warns he can't guarantee to regain control over his obsession with wife-killer Craig, but is told he's too invaluable for the team to consider expulsion, especially to balance maverick Scott in duo operations. One of the now assembled warheads is precipitously transported by the client, South Nigerian anti-western rebels, represented by reputable lawyer Christian Lucas, and explodes in a township when arrested by shooting police. Damien still hopes on collaboration with CIA renegade Christy, but it becomes clear she sold out to the terrorists.

26.  Strike Back (Season 3, Episode 10 - Vengeance: Part 10)

Knox turns on his incompetent Nigerian partners, allowing the to be arrested, and even on his own security chief, who protest at abandoning the strong Africa project. Mike gets his confrontation with Craig but spares his life, while a female officer is killed. The nuclear bombs are traced to Cairo, this time for financial blackmail purposes.

27.  Strike Back (Season 4, Episode 1 - Shadow Warfare: Part 1)

A Section 20 operation in the Beqaa Valley goes badly resulting in Baxter's death. Stonebridge and Scott are enjoying a well-deserved vacation. Recalled to duty, they team up with Kim Martinez to track and capture the killer in Colombia.

28.  Strike Back (Season 4, Episode 2 - Shadow Warfare: Part 2)

After the Kamali escape, Section 20 tries to capture him by breaking into his safety deposit box in a downtown Bogata bank. Dalton continues to track down the people in Beirut who gave her up.

29.  Strike Back (Season 4, Episode 3 - Shadow Warfare: Part 3)

Section 20 tracks facilitator James Leatherby in Beirut. They continue to use Kamali in operations on al-Zuhari and Leatherby. Dalton is making bad decision due to her emotions over Baxter's death. Section 20 acts on tips about al-Zuhari.

30.  Strike Back (Season 4, Episode 4 - Shadow Warfare: Part 4)

Leatherby takes Kamali's daughter, Ester, hostage. Section 20 attempts a brazen rescue mission to get her back. Dalton tortures and interrogates Sofia for information. The escape ruse that Kamali and Dalton use has surprising consequences.

31.  Strike Back (Season 4, Episode 5 - Shadow Warfare: Part 5)

The tracking of McKenna leads Section 20 to Budapest; At Dalton's funeral, Richmond learns that she has a son. Twenty acquires an optic drive with a message from al-Zuhari about an attack. It seems the IRA and Al-Zuhari have joined forces.

32.  Strike Back (Season 4, Episode 6 - Shadow Warfare: Part 6)

The IRA and the Muslim terrorist interrogate Locke. They want the new protocols for NATO. While Section 20 is closing in on the terrorist base, the IRA planning its own attack on the British Embassy.

33.  Strike Back (Season 4, Episode 7 - Shadow Warfare: Part 7)

Decoding the NATO hard drive would breach all NATO security. Scott and Stonebridge go undercover in a Russian prison to prevent a hacker from breaching the firewalls of the hard drive. Stonebridge continues to struggle with his focus.

34.  Strike Back (Season 4, Episode 8 - Shadow Warfare: Part 8)

Though weaker, Stonebridge gets direct knowledge of Al-Zuhari's plan. Still imprisoned at Black Bear, Scott looks for an escape. Suspicions about Kamali continue to mount. Ulyanov's vendetta against Scott and Stonebridge intensifies.

35.  Strike Back (Season 4, Episode 9 - Shadow Warfare: Part 9)

With the death of Leo, Ester needs protection. Scott and Stonebridge keep their promise. Richmond and Martinez follow up on intelligence gained from facility workers. Section 20 attempts to stop a train before it reaches a populated area.

36.  Strike Back (Season 4, Episode 10 - Shadow Warfare: Part 10)

Kamali is alive. He fooled everyone when he faked his death. Locke makes a deal with Ulyanov to capture Kamali. Kamali's team attempts to deploy the weapon at Ramstein AFB. Stonebridge and Scott have many important decisions to make.

37.  Strike Back (Season 5, Episode 1 - Legacy: Part 1)

A friend of Locke needs section 20's help when his daughter is kidnapped.

38.  Strike Back (Season 5, Episode 2 - Legacy: Part 2)

Scott and Mike continue to look for the ones responsible for the embassy bombing. The ambassador recovers in hospital with Chloe and his wife beside him. Mike still recovering from the sore shoulder takes on desk command while Scott and Philip go out to get Ray McQueen back from the corrupt police. Ray will only talk with his wife safe.

39.  Strike Back (Season 5, Episode 3 - Legacy: Part 3)

As Locke realises his long-term friend is working with the dangerous Yakuza and Office 39, Scott must protect his son when they come under enemy fire.

40.  Strike Back (Season 5, Episode 4 - Legacy: Part 4)

Scott provides some parental advice to his son, while the rest of Section 20 attempt to locate Mei Foster. At the same time, Section 20 accepts an uneasy alliance with a pair of CIA mercenaries who are only interested in Shiro. The team attempts to stop Mei, while Scott races towards the action on a stolen motorcycle.

41.  Strike Back (Season 5, Episode 5 - Legacy: Part 5)

Scott and Stonebridge sneak into North Korea to destroy a factory where the vanadium is being processed. Finn is kidnapped. After destroying the factory Scott and Stonebridge surrender because Mei threatens to kill Finn.

42.  Strike Back (Season 5, Episode 6 - Legacy: Part 6)

Whitehall denies the existence of Scott and Stonebridge. Locke enlists the help of an old Russian friend to rescue his team. Li-Na uses Finn to coerce a confession.

43.  Strike Back (Season 5, Episode 7 - Legacy: Part 7)

The team head for Vienna following the lead on Li-Na & Kwon. From Nina's agent they get details of a meeting between Kwon and someone from Locke's past. They observe the meeting but things do not go according to plan.

44.  Strike Back (Season 5, Episode 8 - Legacy: Part 8)

Scott and Stonebridge chase Li-Na and Kwon and attempt to rescue Pirogova. Locke encounters "Oppenheimer" again and must decide his fate. Scott and Stonebridge discover Li-Na and Kwon's intended target with codes.

45.  Strike Back (Season 5, Episode 9 - Legacy: Part 9)

The Section 20 team is showing no signs of fatigue after their cross-global mission to track down slippery North Korean terrorist, Li-Na. Always one step ahead of his British bosses, instinct-driven Lt. Colonel Locke takes his team rogue once more as they defy Whitehall and travel to Geneva where he is convinced Li-Na and Kwon are preparing to attack the United Nations HQ.

46.  Strike Back (Season 5, Episode 10 - Legacy: Part 10)

A group of mercenaries led by Faber and Mason, pursue Scott and Stonebridge as they seek payback.

47.  Strike Back (Season 6, Episode 1 - Retribution: Part 1)

After a disastrous failed hand-over from a independent Syrian liberation army unit, of the terrorist, "Omair Idrisi", Sergeant Daniel "Mac" Macallister, is imprisoned facing a court marshal for hitting his superior officer. Because of the failed hand-over mission, Col. Adeena Donovan, MI6, re-establish the disbanded "Section 20" unit. Mac, is offered a chance to join this new unit. He is quickly set on mission to recruit "Sergeant Samuel Wyatt", a deniable American operator, in captivity by General Farid. During the rescue/recruit mission, other new "Section 20" ...

48.  Strike Back (Season 6, Episode 2 - Retribution: Part 2)

Mac, Wyatt and the gang pursue Idrisi and his radicalized British wife. They seek to track him down via an arms dealer who just made a delivery to the cell leader, and was shot down by the same to get rid of loose ends. The crew from Section 20 rescues the arms dealer to find out what weapons he delivered and where Idrisi is. Later, when attacking Idrisi's compound, the US military gets involved, launching a bunker buster missile and putting the team in harms way.

49.  Strike Back (Season 6, Episode 3 - Retribution: Part 3)

As Jane Lowry surfaces in Budapest, Mac and Wyatt are forced to go undercover to infiltrate a dangerous group of white supremacists that has something she needs.

50.  Strike Back (Season 6, Episode 4 - Retribution: Part 4)

Mac and Dr. Markov are taken by white supremacist Josef and Rosa Varga to a secret militia base. Jane Lowery targets Col. Donovan. Wyatt whines about being stabbed. Section 20 takes bold steps rescue Mac and Markov.

51.  Strike Back (Season 6, Episode 5 - Retribution: Part 5)

With Markov taken by Jane Lowry, Section 20 track them down to a drug lord's mansion. Section 20 carry out a plan to stop Lowry and Markov from unleashing a deadly chemical weapon or the whole world will be at their demise.

52.  Strike Back (Season 6, Episode 6 - Retribution: Part 6)

Lowry and Borisovich continue their cat and mouse games with each other and with Section 20. As 20 closes in on Lowry and Markov, Lowry initiates a plan to set off a device in an airport. Reynolds emotes about her actions.

53.  Strike Back (Season 6, Episode 7 - Retribution: Part 7)

It's Section 20 v Jane Lowry in a race to get to Omair Idrisi. It's a mission that hurls comms officer Jensen into extreme danger.

54.  Strike Back (Season 6, Episode 8 - Retribution: Part 8)

As Lowry makes her play to rescue Idrisi from the Col. Parker's black site, Section 20 races to get him first. Jensen stoically recovers from his wounds. Reynolds continues to believe Donovan is hiding something important to the mission.

55.  Strike Back (Season 6, Episode 9 - Retribution: Part 9)

The team learns about Colonel Donovan's involvement in Project Tenebrae. Waves of PMC soldiers trying to recapture Idrisi have a running, driving, and shooting battle with Section 20. Donovan and Lowry have another face to face encounter.

56.  Strike Back (Season 6, Episode 10 - Retribution: Part 10)

The Russians are coming. Ives loses Idrisi to Russian agents. Twenty goes after the Atlas of covert British agents that Lowry stole and later hid. Stonebridge and Scott's surprise return aids Section 20 in a bold plan.

57.  Strike Back (Season 7, Episode 1 - Revolution: Part 1)

Six months after their last mission, three members of the British special-ops Section 20 team--Gracie Novin, Samuel Wyatt and Thomas "Mac" McAllister--are reunited for what they think is a routine "cleanup" exercise in Malaysia. Things get complicated when their new commanding officer, a borderline burn-out named Alexander Coltrane, learns that a British operative, in possession of intel about a downed Russian plane, has been killed in Kuala Lumpur after meeting with a covert Russian operative, Katrina Zarkova. The trail leads Wyatt, Mac and Novin to a Russian ...

58.  Strike Back (Season 7, Episode 2 - Revolution: Part 2)

Section 20 forges an uneasy alliance with Zarkova in hopes of tracking down a stolen nuclear warhead in Kuala Lumpur. High Commander McKitterick finds himself in an untenable dilemma, while Novin defies Coltrane's orders to settle a score.

59.  Strike Back (Season 7, Episode 3 - Revolution: Part 3)

Section 20's search for the missing nuclear warhead leads them to Goa, India, where three scientists have been kidnapped. Section 20 infiltrates a suspicious fund-raiser as Coltrane and new S20 computer whiz deal with a breach in security.

60.  Strike Back (Season 7, Episode 4 - Revolution: Part 4)

The team is forced to lean on Zarkova to commandeer high-end Russian technology, crack the encryption code and make a final foray to a secret hideout, where Vartak, Gopan and the nuclear packages await.

61.  Strike Back (Season 7, Episode 5 - Revolution: Part 5)

Section 20 journeys to the Punchan Province and connects with a DEA agent with inside intel on Zaza and Dagon. Coltrane tasks Novin with impersonating the nuke buyer in order to ascertain the WMD's location.

62.  Strike Back (Season 7, Episode 6 - Revolution: Part 6)

After ditching the seaplane they hijacked, Novin and Zarkova find themselves at the mercy of corrupt police, while Mac and Wyatt take temporary refuge in a local village. Coltrane finally learns the location of the suitcase nukes, but the revelation comes at a high price. Finally, Section 20 tracks down Zaza and the nukes - as well as an unexpected interloper - in a remote compound, and all hell breaks loose. Expecting the worst, Wyatt makes a call back home, while Pavel forces Zarkova to come to terms with what happened to Alpha Group.

63.  Strike Back (Season 7, Episode 7 - Revolution: Part 7)

As Wyatt convalesces, Coltrane, Mac and Novin embark on a covert, 24-hour mission inside Russia to extract an FSB analyst with potentially vital information. Zarkova questions Pavel's true identity, but chooses to stand by her commanding officer. Tracking Hassan to an outpost in the Indonesian jungle, Section 20 ends up facing off with Pavel and Zarkova, as Chetri zeros in on the nuclear suitcase in a Jakarta mall.

64.  Strike Back (Season 7, Episode 8 - Revolution: Part 8)

Coltrane defends his decision to go rogue with S20. After tailing Hassan and the nuclear suitcase to a deserted shopping mall in Jakarta, Wyatt and Novin face down threats from Komodo soldiers and, later, Colonel Aldo and his insurgents. As Katrina weighs her allegiances, Pavel resets the parameters of the Russian plans to overthrow the Indonesian government.

65.  Strike Back (Season 7, Episode 9 - Revolution: Part 9)

In pursuit of Pavel, Section 20 clashes with two other Russian renegades, Natasha Petrenko and Artem Orlov, as they attempt to purchase sophisticated software designed to short-circuit a ghost satellite containing precious cargo. After a brief respite with his wife, Madison, Wyatt takes a temporary security job working for Caleb Montgomery, an obnoxious military-tech tycoon, but soon finds himself thrust back into the danger zone.

66.  Strike Back (Season 7, Episode 10 - Revolution: Part 10)

Section 20 faces an ultimate dilemma as it battles Pavel and his team of Russian turncoats for keys to Soviet-era missiles thought to have been destroyed years earlier. The conflict takes S20 from a remote village in the Philippines to Saloglu, Azerbaijan, where three long-range missiles are ready to be fired on major cities in the West. Can the team stop Pavel and save the world from Armageddon?

67.  Strike Back (Season 8, Episode 1 - Vendetta: Part 1)

Section 20 are reunited to rescue a biochemist who's been taken as a hostage in Kosovo by the Albanian mafia. But as the situation escalates, a sinister conspiracy to cover up the development of the weaponized virus unfolds.

68.  Strike Back (Season 8, Episode 2 - Vendetta: Part 2)

Section 20 launches a raid on the Demachi family business in hopes of extracting the location of the bioweapon which leads them to an exchange between Edon and jihadist brothers Zayef and Mahir. While Mac considers a career-changing offer.

69.  Strike Back (Season 8, Episode 3 - Vendetta: Part 3)

S20 is in Tel Aviv, tracing a man with stolen Russian military tech that he plans to sell to Zayef and Mahir. A notorious Israeli gangster makes matters even more complicated. Luckily, S20 picks up a highly-trained friend along the way.

70.  Strike Back (Season 8, Episode 4 - Vendetta: Part 4)

Novin is forced to cooperate with gangsters, as Spencer gives the squad an ultimatum. After a stand-off with Zayef and Mahir, Spiegel threatens to blow the lid off S20's operations. A serious threat is posed to S20's alliance with Zarkova.

71.  Strike Back (Season 8, Episode 5 - Vendetta: Part 5)

When Zayef's location is compromised, S20 raids the premises, leading to Mac defying orders to keep his team safe. Suspecting that Zayef plans to deploy the stolen military tech during a U.N. conference in Munich, S20 sets out to stop him.

72.  Strike Back (Season 8, Episode 6 - Vendetta: Part 6)

Long after the incident in Munich, Wyatt and Novin reunite with Mac, who has since left the military. But while he lives out a seemingly idyllic existence with his wife and daughter, his violent past haunts him.

73.  Strike Back (Season 8, Episode 7 - Vendetta: Part 7)

Spencer joins S20 to take down Zayef for good. But when intel leads them back to the Demachi's, S20 finds itself embroiled in a feud that may expedite Zayef's plans and place military-grade weapons in the hands of terrorists across Europe.

74.  Strike Back (Season 8, Episode 8 - Vendetta: Part 8)

S20 plans to storm a freighter carrying weapons, but when Spencer administers a kill order, Coltrane grows suspicious. As members of S20 contemplate following their conscience, Zayef divulges intel that could drastically change their fate.

75.  Strike Back (Season 8, Episode 9 - Vendetta: Part 9)

With Chetri in the wind and Carolyn on their tail, Novin, Wyatt and Coltrane are blacklisted and left with scant resources. S20 seeks the help of Russian allies to combat Russian foes, and the hunt for Zayef's hard drive marches on.

76.  Strike Back (Season 8, Episode 10 - Vendetta: Part 10)

After receiving shocking intel from an unlikely Russian informant, S20 decides to reunite for one final mission to track down Arianna and avenge their comrades. This time, however, they're doing things a little differently.

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