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SERIES: The Imperial Coroner (Vj Shao Khan - Luganda Translated)

Watch: The Imperial Coroner (Vj Shao Khan - Luganda Translated) (Season 1, Episode 1)

The Plot: Set in the middle and late Tang Dynasty. Chu Chu, a young girl from coroner family in southwest mountainous area, comes alone to the capital to chase her dream of becoming a professional coroner. Prince An (Xiao Jingyu), a competent detective, accepts her as a coroner partner for mysterious cases investigation. Chu Chu, Prince, and their friends break the balance of multiple forces in the capital, figure out the truth of a blockbuster case which continued for 18 years step by step. Chu Chu and Prince get married at last.

Genre: Drama, Mystery

Stars: Xiaotong Su, Zi Qi Wang, Tingdong Yang



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